About Yen | Graphic Designer & Ceramic Artist
Friends find me to be a self-motivated learner and a reliable person. I'm curious and enjoy learning no matter where I am. Besides, I am open-minded, detail-oriented, and production-focused to support my team while exploring new concepts.
When I was the VP of the Student Council and president of the Art Club at Taiwan college, my leadership experience taught me about better communication and the importance of teamwork. In my first job, I worked as a Sales Assistant where I learned to collect customer feedback, identify needs and work with engineers to create products. Since it was a small company, I was able to experience the end-to-end process of product development. After moving to the US, I started a family and decided to pursue my design degree with UXUI courses as a part-time student. The knowledge and perspective that I’ve gained from my professors and mentors have strengthened my design and analysis skills. I will combine these skills with my passion for design to support my future career.
I am also a very tactile creative person. Working with my hands is essential to my happiness. Working with clay and making ceramic art brings me great joy and also serves as a stress reliever. As a president of the Clay Club at Austin Community College, I volunteer to serve our community while pursuing ceramic knowledge and skills. It's a great way to contribute my time to educational events and services. 
Thank you for taking the time and looking at my portfolio. It's my pleasure to work with you. If you are interested in my work or need referral letters, please feel free to contact me through Linkedin message.  Thank you so much for visiting my portfolio site!
Thank you!
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