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Bark N Purr Pet Center is a local family-owned pet store since 1955. The company has been serving Austin pet owners with unique services such as local free delivery as well as providing healthy and honest products nationwide. They also host clinic and adoption events to help pets in need. In the future, they would like to offer more services such as self-serve dog washing, grooming, and more homemade products.
This new design incorporates more joyful colors and shows how much Bark N Purr cares about their customers and pets. A new Typeface, “Righteous”, was chosed due to the ascender and descenders of the typeface structure relating to the shape of pets’ ears and tails.  Also, “Righteous” provides personality. The responsive web design allows their customers to access their offerings easier. Organic products with recycled packaging design will be the first step on expanding their services.

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